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Monday, July 1, 2013

By Comparison...

What's new!
It’s always exciting to see the design publications “What’s New” page or the latest spread showcasing fantastic and imaginative interiors.  Talented designer’s place vintage and eclectic pieces in their projects all the time.  Visual research is a big part of how all of us find a look we can identify with.  I love to look at magazines and blogs and in doing so I have found that the595project has some wonderful examples of the “WOW” factor!  I’m featuring some great photo’s to show what I’ve found in magazines currently and how it ties to the595project.  Take a look at some of the rooms I found!

 The Power of a Chaise...

As shown in Elle Décor, the photo on the left shows the power of a chaise.  Elegant and comfortable but it has a strong design element that makes you want to indulge.  the595project chaise, below, is upholstered in fabulous leather and the designer is Adrian Pearsall from the 1960’s.  The walnut base is especially appealing.

  Wall Sculptures...
I love seeing sculpture instead of paintings!  The impact of Curtis Jere is perfectly executed in the photo above as seen in Elle Décor.  The metal really adds a soothing restful component to the bedroom.  The photo below is Jere as well and the title is “Raindrops”.  Another wonderful find from the595project!
 Organic nature...
The organic nature of the root base table softens the crisp white chairs and light fixture shown on the left.  It is a fantastic addition to this dining room.  The root table base and slab top shown below is from the595project.  The base was found in Santa Fe, New Mexico and it’s perfect as an entry piece or a new top can be used for dining.
Grounded Color...

Color, color, color! The room above has it all as featured in Elle Décor.  The black cabinet grounds the explosion of color.  The photo on the left features matching Glen of California chests from the595project.  Very cool indeed.

  What's Hot...

I love looking at the “What’s Hot” page of Elle Décor.  June’s publication shows a low slung chair in leather.  The Fredric Weinberg chair on the left from the 1950’s is wildly comparable in look and style.  This chair is available at the595project.

Vintage Leather...

The photo to the right is a shot featured in Elle Décor of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's horse ranch in California.  The vintage leather sofa brings you in and makes the room inviting yet hip. The Erling Olsen sofa below has perfectly aged original leather and is very comfortable.  Available at the595project!

Leavitt Weaver...

As I think back on experiences that had a tremendous impact on me as a  designer, I must say that working with the wildly talented firm,  Leavitt Weaver was life altering.  I was hired to do a fantastic project at Desert Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona and the architecture required a unique and fresh concept for furniture placement.  There was not a straight wall on the entire floor plan, so everything suggested a radius!   As research began, I met with Leavitt Weaver’s principal designer, Stephen Weaver in San Francisco and was forever changed.

Completely charming and approachable (I must admit that I was nervous to meet such a talent), we sat down and reviewed the project and talked about the concept I saw for my clients.  With grace and humor, he led me down an entirely different path and before I knew it, I was hooked!  Stephen taught me so much during the three year process as we navigated having almost every piece custom built for the home.  Many things started with production pieces but then we revised selections in to exacting scale and color for each room.  My clients were thrilled (thank goodness they trusted me) and I was a different designer after the project.

Craig Leavitt, a partner in the firm,  gave me the “Sister Parish” grounding of the traditional element to the project and Stephen gave me the “out of the box” concepts I could have never come up with.  Sounds like a perfect design team to me!

I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with these two brilliant men and they continue to do amazing and impressive work.  I encourage you to check out their website, Leavitt Weaver.

Thank you Stephen and Craig!!!

Fashion and Painting...



The latest fashion… absolutely necessary for a painting. It’s what matters most.

E’douard Manet, 1881

There is an undeniable bond between people in the fashion world and the design world.   Clearly it stems from the appreciation of beautiful things, like the right color and the mixing of certain pieces, just so.  As well as pattern and scale and the application of their affect and the selection of what looks good on someone or what is impactful in a space.  Most importantly, there is always room for the unexpected and quirky surprise in fashion and in design that sets you apart from the rest!

This month (May 2013) for the First Friday event, Hot Box Betty asked me to hang a collection of paintings from the595project.  It proved to be a great canvas for the wide variety of images I have collected and they are nicely highlighted in this fashion forward store.  Mixed with seriously cool clothing, the paintings I selected for the art walk give a different perspective to the art scene.  Since midcentury and vintage is my thing, I sure had a great time incorporating my unique inventory of 1960’s and beyond works of art in to the store.  I’ve always loved mixing periods in art work and I agree that first and foremost with art, you have to buy what you like no matter the cost and mix it up with a wide variety of styles.  Kind of like fashion!!

I think now more than ever, design publications show us all how to successfully do the mix of periods, color and pattern.  It is so inspiring!  So take a risk and reconfigure what you have in your home and try a little vintage in the mix.  Draw insight from fashion by way of boutiques like Hot Box Betty.  They have it so right in the coolest way!

I'm no Mary Hart!

Ok, so I have some work to do refining my interview skills.  I’ve just finished my first live interview with Erin Hasler of Ija Designs for my website, the595project.  I wanted to have our followers get a more intimate view of whom I feature by way of a conversation.  Although I am very pleased with my first attempt and how Erin’s talent and story is out to the world, I do feel I need some mentoring to get it together completely when I’m in front of the camera.  Somehow though, I do feel closer to my interview sister, Mary Hart.  Truly, is there anyone better than this TV treasure?

I’ve known Mary personally for years and I will tell you she is one of the most genuine, polite and sincere people I have ever met.  She always treats everyone equally, no matter who they are.  In any given environment, she gives everyone her most focused attention.  I’ve been with her when she’s receiving awards publicly, on her set for Entertainment Tonight and with her privately and she is downright incredible.  Her parents clearly did a fantastic job instilling the basics of grace and genuine manners to their daughter, and I’m sure they are very proud of her.

I may have to conference with Mary on pointers regarding how to ask interesting questions and not look nervous!  Also, I may need her advice on proper posture and possible tricks of the trade, such as how to hold still while on camera.  Knowing Mary she’d give it to me straight yet encourage me to get in there for the next round!

I miss her on Entertainment Tonight and I will guarantee you that she is as nice as anyone of my favorite people.  I am planning on doing my next interview for “Spotlight” with the live interview format again, so I better get on the horn and get Miss Mary to kick in some insider secrets to help me get it down pat for the next go around!

Salterini Style...


Maybe it was the lily pad motif or maybe the yearning for spring but I fell in love with these little gems designed by Salterini from the 1960’s.  These nesting tables are so perfectly balanced and scaled.  They are charming and have a beautiful patina, but most importantly small tables are essential to an easy and comfortable entertaining environment.  To have the ability to place a table close to a chair or sofa quickly as people change locations when talking or eating is an example of beautiful function.  Small tables such as these are light, stable and darn good looking!  I love finding rare treasures to give rooms personality and style and these nesting tables fit the bill!

Lily Pad tables by Salterini….oh what great design!  

Our Showroom...

A peak into the Showroom at the595project.

A peak into the Showroom at the595project.

Light Your World...


The impact of unique lighting is transforming.  I love the experience of seeing the mood and drama change in a room when new light sources are introduced. 
Many of the classic midcentury light fixtures are very collectable and I have enjoyed finding some special lamps and chandeliers as I’ve traveled to develop inventory for the595project

The creative genius of lighting designers today make thousands of possibilities available on the retail market.  Although new is fabulous, here are some examples of some wonderful midcentury inspired settings.

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”    Aaron Rose

“There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty.”    Billy Baldwin, Ruby Ross Wood


Faux Real...

I started my design career in the early 80’s by way of furnishing vacation houses in Sunriver, Oregon.  Armed with just a passion for lovely interiors, I found my way through all the obstacles of design by making every mistake imaginable.  As I muddled through, I discovered a clear understanding of how to read plans, how to draft and most importantly, how to read people!  Don’t get me wrong, there were many early years of funky furniture packages but it forced me to learn how to put entire projects together and it developed my skills as a designer.

I had the opportunity to work with many interesting people but one in particular changed my life forever. MaryAnn Bauce and her husband Bill hired me to furnish the new home they were building in Sunriver.  When MaryAnn arrived in my studio for our first meeting she just about knocked me to the floor. She was stunningly beautiful, tall, blonde and charming beyond words.  However, what had the greatest impact was her leopard outfit.  She was quite something and I found myself in awe of her from the moment we started working together.  A born and raised Texan, she could tell stories like no other and I loved listening to all of her wonderful insights on style and design. She insisted that everyone should have something in animal print either in their home or on their body, no matter what.  Through the years our friendship has grown to be one of the greatest gifts in my life and I have a distinct love of animal print and her to this day.  She is unlike any other.
While out buying for the595project I came across an amazing faux leopard swing coat with the original Neiman Marcus label stitched into the lining, and it was in beautiful condition.  Knowing that part of my goal with my new business was to develop a vintage clothing inventory, I purchased this lovely gem as fast as I could. I knew that it would someday land with the right person who understood the divine impact of animal print;  it has never gone out of style and it never will.

Months later I interviewed Shelley Singer with Hot Box Betty for my “Spotlight on Style" segment.  As she was walking through the showroom, picking her favorite pieces she came across the Neiman Marcus faux leopard swing coat and fell in love with it immediately.  A picture of the coat was featured at the end of the article along with the other pieces she adored.  A short while after the article launched I received an email from Shelley’s dear friend saying that she wanted to buy her the coat as a surprise Christmas gift.  I was thrilled to be a part of making this happen and especially enjoyed having the pleasure of hearing about the friendship and love between these two women. It reminded me of MaryAnn and our journey together and how profoundly grateful I am for all the wisdom she has shared with me and all of her guidance regarding design, style, entertaining and how to love my family.

So as 2012 draws to a close, maybe a fun goal to have for the coming year is a little bit of animal print in your life. It can bring an unexpected charm and colorful impact to any room.  One never knows what kind of lovely story will develop, Faux Real!!!

If something is missing...

We all have those spaces; a room we adore but something is just missing.  This fabulous vintage armless chair is the perfect addition to brighten any space. Clean lines, stand out print and incredibly comfortable.  What more could you ask for? 1960’s vintage armless chair.
We all have those spaces; a room we adore but something is just missing.  This fabulous vintage armless chair is the perfect addition to brighten any space. Clean lines, stand out print and incredibly comfortable.  What more could you ask for? 1960’s vintage armless chair.

Design is Never Done...

Design is Never Done
I’m writing my first blog!  With some encouragement from my incredibly talented friend, Erin Hasler, I am moving forward in my attempt to write about what I love to do.  
Erin first made a visit to the595project showroom about a month ago. She contacted me about seeing the showroom since she knew I had launched the website featuring my collection of mid-century and vintage furniture.  I loved the look on her face when she walked through the door!  She was so surprised by the vastness of the collection and how interesting each piece was.  After an hour of chatting and explaining who the makers were and their history, she told me that I needed to write a blog about my business, so here I am.
The most wonderful gift to me about vintage furniture and accessories in today’s interior design world is the feel of provenance and age.  They soften interiors and give a room the lushness of rich history, while maintaining a long life as they are handed down through generations.  
If you look at respected interior design magazines, you’ll notice that the art of the mix is really where it’s at.  Every top designer fashions rooms by selecting vintage items from shop keepers and websites across the country. The most stunning of them all in my view, is 1st Dibs. Nothing but the best of every category imaginable is represented on this incredible site.  Another personal favorite is One Kings Lane and I am proud to have been selected as a supplier for them. They feature new merchandise daily as well as compiling an impressive Vintage and Market Finds Collection.  Offering everything from furniture and lighting to art and accessories, all gathered in this one spot from wonderful antique stores and eclectic shops around the country.  I just love their new advertising theme, “Design is never done”.  It’s the passion of looking for the perfect place for my newest treasure.  The reward of finding a piece that speaks to you, and you know you just have to have it!  That is the very foundation of the595project.
To have my showroom and website up and running is a dream come true! Curating the inventory and placing each piece in its best possible light brings me joy.  There are new things that have just arrived that are absolutely stunning. It warms my heart to know that each piece will have a great new home as they sell and go out into the world.  That’s why I love that design is never done; neither is friendship.  Thank you Erin …