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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


How brilliant is it, that William Georgis came up with the edgy mix of color in the first photo featured today.  A dusty mauve sofa, with a black and white carpet, followed by a painting of primary red!  How cool is that and I must say, it’s perfect.

I became a fan of William Georgis and his firm, William Georgis Architect from New York, when I read about him on 1stdibs.  After working for many years at another architectural firm, 1992 was his breakout year, bringing in tow five other architects and four interior designers.  I can only imagine the artistic excellence that you’d experience working for this creative force.  Wouldn't it be amazing!  I guess I love the mix of antiques, with contemporary, accented with mid-century and a bit of whimsy to boot.

His book, that launched this past year, Make it Fabulous, has a complete overview of his irresistible style.  His trained eye can carve out architectural masterpieces which then soar when the flawless interior design is created.  In my view, the book is a must and I hope the following visuals ignite something in your crazy design eye that’s been lying dormant!

William Georgis new book "Make it Fabulous"

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Now, this is what I call a CORNER!

I guess I’m still on a flower kick, especially since the growing season is so short in Oregon and in particular, in Bend Oregon.  I have learned over the years that when June hits you want to find the most mature plants and baskets that you can. That way you"ll have abundant color in your garden.

If you want to see some real creativity and outstanding displays of floral fauna, then look no further than The Garden Corner in Tualatin Oregon.  As you drive around the corner towards the entrance, huge baskets bursting in color line the street.  That is only the beginning because what you see on display, once inside the property, is a kaleidoscope of plant life that leaves nothing to the imagination.  The owner John, greeted me with a warm welcome and offered to fix me an iced coffee to sip on as I meandered the wood planked paths that grace the grounds.  The paths take you towards many different examples of plant life artfully displayed in many different settings.  I found myself sitting down on benches just to take in everything.  Soon I arrived at the planting station.  There I met Karen, the design force behind many of the interesting arrangements.  She is a kind person, soft spoken but willing to talk “plant” if you know what I mean!  She was interested in knowing the growing conditions of where the plants were going.  For example sun exposure, drought tolerance and temperature challenges.  After counseling with her, she went to work and produced a very special and unique hanging pair of orbs that made me giddy.  I am over the moon!

I hope many of you, when you are in Portland over the summer, can take a short trip to this paradise off of Boones Ferry Road and take it all in.  I promise you won’t be disappointed and you will leave this “corner” of the world feeling uplifted and inspired.

Victoria with Karen of The Garden Corner
My "Orbs" at our beautiful Mountain Cabin


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I fell for Oscar

I've always loved flowers.  I’m forever creating arrangements from what I see outside and blending the natural greens and branches with whatever I have on hand that comes fresh from the market.  I look forward to the time when Peonies come in to season.  They are one of my all-time favorites.

Many years ago, I had the pleasure of working for Oscar de la Renta.  He was in Seattle Washington to personally introduce his collection for Spring at Fredrick and Nelson.  He graciously greeted every girl that would be walking the runway showing his beautiful pieces.  He shook everyone’s hand and introduced himself.  Slowly and thoughtfully he traveled down the line up of models.  The room where we met him had a huge flower arrangement of Peonies that was simply breathtaking.  It was quite something to see!  His charm made a big impression on me and I became a huge fan after that experience.  As a result, I started following him and his brand has developed into many other categories.  His life clearly is one filled with beautiful things.  Now, whenever I see Peonies, I think of him and the beautiful blossoms I saw that day. 

These following pictures are to pay homage to Mr. de la Renta and his sense of style and of course to the tender, fragile and delicate perfection of Peonies.   

Peonies dress by Oscar de la Renta (2014 collection)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You can "Shop the Look" at

Every Wednesday the 1stdibs website sends out its "Love for Design" to the world by way of interesting feature stories about talent from around the globe.  It is always so inspiring to read; especially since being in Oregon puts us about as far away from The Big Apple as possible.  When I read the story about the New York Design Center (NYDC), I was excited to see what would be featured on the 1stdibs floor of showrooms.

 As I perused the pictures, (I’m so bad about reading the text!) I was surprised to see on page 9 a photo featuring a Caribou mount.  I purchased one for the595project website because I just loved the look.  Although I wasn't completely sure that customers would receive it well, I decided it looked so cool that I just had to have it!  When mine sold, I was thrilled!

Caribou Antler Mount at the595project

As I clicked through further, on page 12, I see a brass Ibex table base.  I have one of those too on the website!  Now I’m feeling a bit of sisterhood with my design family on Lexington Avenue.  The Ibex coffee table base we have is one of my most recent finds and I just loved it after I saw the desk version in a photograph for Tamara Mellon’s office at Jimmy Choo.   My shoe goddess has channeled my inner design passion!

Ibex Coffee Table at the595project

My favorite moment in reading the article was seeing the classic and beautiful Eames 670/671 lounge chair and ottoman featured on the same page as the Ibex table.  The first one I found was such a rite of passage for building knowledge and respect for mid-century design.  When I put the set on my website, we found the video from the Arlene Francis show, circa 1956, when Charles and Ray Eames presented the new design to the public.  I've had so many customers enjoy seeing the video and it has served as a platform for me to explain the outstanding design features and materials that ignited the design sensibilities of this iconic team.  I wonder what it would feel like if they could see after all these years, that their chair and ottoman is still sought after by designers and their clients all over the world.

If you look at any interior design publication abroad or domestic and you will see a photograph with an Eames lounge set gracing its pages.  I will never tire of the sleek sexy look and the automatic cool vibe of the brilliance showcased by Eames team.

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman at the595project

I've just sold my third Eames chair and Ottoman and I can’t wait to find another.  The Rosewood is divine and the leather that has seen some age is timeless.

I am inspired to see that in the Northwest you can “Shop the Look” right from

I love my job!!