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Thursday, December 19, 2013

So Inspiring from the very get go...

The first time I visited HEDGE in Palm Springs California, was in 2006 (68929 Perez Rd # F, Cathedral City, CA 92234 Phone:(760) 770-0090).  Having lived in Palm Desert for many years, I loved searching the various shops for that “it” piece.  I was in awe of the ambiance in HEDGE the second I walked in the door.  The collection of vintage and eclectic furnishings and accessories was crisp, styled and creatively displayed.  I didn't know where to focus first!  Soon, one of the owners; Thomas Sharkey, came to make his introduction.  He was just as special as everything I was viewing.  He wasn't pushy, slick or overly charming, just damn cool!  After we chatted a bit, he offered me a cappuccino to sip as I shopped.  The further I looked, the more things I found, I could hardly wait to nab my husband to come back and shop with me.  Knowing that I had found a treasure, I encouraged my husband to join me the next day to make selections for our new groovy new pad in Bend Oregon.

I couldn't get Thomas and his partner Charles Pearson out of my mind.  They had developed a business model that I found totally inspiring.  Their way of merchandising, along with their impressive, casual and natural customer service template made me think that this was what I wanted to do.  After my husband visited and we made our purchases, he could see why it was right up my alley!  From that moment on, I asked the guys if I could counsel with them on how I could get started.  Instead of shying away from my questions, they offered generously their savvy business sense that would make any Wharton Business School graduate swoon. I felt so fortunate to have met these two incredible people and they gave me the courage to start the595project.

Since they opened 8 years ago this past July, they have been published in several national magazines.  Mostly, they have been acknowledged as one of the best places to shop for vintage furniture in the desert.  This high praise is critical and clearly HEDGE meets the criteria for these fine publications to give them this well-deserved nod.  For all of you that visit the Palm Springs area during Winter break, Spring break or for that matter, any break, please make a visit and mention that you heard about them from the595project!  You will have a ball and you will find the most straight up cool selection of furnishings you could ever imagine.

I have put together a few pictures to give you a tease!  Enjoy...