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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Juxtaposition of Opposites

I was reading about JF Chen, the wildly successful antiques dealer from Los Angeles.  He is considered an expert of old- world décor, 20th century modernism, contemporary furniture as well as other sought after rarities.  He said in the article; Decorating is all about the juxtaposition of opposites-mixing antiques with vintage and contemporary items.  “Matching” no longer exists.  A bedroom with matching dressers or a coordinating dining room is, thank goodness, over.

This statement is the very foundation for the595project and it is why I love what I do.  To be able to bring the mix to those who have a passion for design is my mission.  After seeing a photo shoot for New York Magazine I thought the very same point is in today’s fashion.  This collection of photographs was titled “The Clash”.  It is very cool and I can’t wait to try my own version as fall sets in!  It’s really all about good design whether it’s for the home or what you wear.  Enjoy the photos!