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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Torso

I've just returned from a multi-state buying trip and one of my favorite finds is a torso sculpture.  Elegantly carved and beautifully shaped, the form is strong yet simple.  It got me thinking about the history of the torso and I was intrigued to see that Vincent Van Gogh produced an image “Plaster Statuette of Female Torso" in 1886.  As well, there is the Auguste Rodin, Paris.  It brings to light that great design lives forever.

I've included several photographs for you to admire and the design theme traverses contemporary to traditional.  The rooms are inspirational, unique and clever. I am sure that the  audacious yet romantic shape of the torso will continue to be one introduced in to projects for a long time to come. 
Vincent Van Gogh

Auguste Rodin

Sorry, our great hand carved Walnut Torso has sold!...

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